Telemagic 103,105,207,308,309, PRIDE: 104, 206, 3084,412

AX SERIES 30, AX100, AX200 ADX 400,600

A highly versatile and flexible PABX system to increase your office efficiency and monitor telephone expanses
An ideal communication system for small & mid size enterprise. CLI at all Extensions
a) Put any Caller ID Phone on Extn., and see on display: - External CLI No.- Internal Extn. No.(Intercom)
b) Even if the call is transferred from non CLI phone, CLI is transferable on Extensions.
c) Incoming Calls are automatically stored in buffer.
CLI at Operator Console
a) CLI display of incoming calls
b) Continuous display of CLI number during full conversation or the latest call.
a) Calling Phone / Mobile No. / DOSA call
b) Indication of Particular CO Line
c) Call time
d) Talk time duration
e) Unanswered / Missed Calls
i) Individual Extn. wise
ii) Individual Trunk wise

The performance of the CLI feature depends on quality of CLI signals received from City Exchange (Conditions Apply).

Other Features:

Call Charges display at CLIP Phone

1. Last call charges

2. The allotted budget and the amount consumed from the budget

3. Can also view call charges/ budget etc. for any other Extn(s).

Parallel Companion Extension

Double your extn. capacity of the same system on every extension.
Example: In 4+8 you can connect 8 additional phones as Parallel Companion
Extension with every extension and thus can have 16 extensions connected to 4+8 system

95 / Mobile Calls Locking

Besides full control over STD/ISD now can also control misuse of 95 code in 50 to 500 KM radius (presently) and even restrict the Mobile calls which are 3 times costlier.( India specific feature )

Auto Redial - upto 99 Times with 3 Time Gaps

This feature provides automatic redialing of the last P&T No. dialed including STD/ISD codes upto 99 times (programmable). Computer Connectivity Through serial port of AX, the calls stored in the buffer can be viewed on PC by using the Hyperterminal utility of Windows. So, no special billing software package is required to interface PC and the AX.

Auto Call Disconnector

This feature allows to fix the time of LOCAL/STD/ISD calls beyond which it will be automatically dis-connected but with a pre-warning tone with 1 to 8 minute programmable.